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2559814 - Questions in relation to License User Type


  • What exactly is the difference between Functional User and Active User?
  • Which kind of impact has this on the license costs?
  • Is this kind of user type is also existing in BizX? Means is this handed over via a interface?


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


What exactly is the difference between functional user and active user?

The new License User type field will have 2 possible values: Active User and Functional User. All new users created in the system will have this field set to Active User.

To set the field to Functional User, an admin can:

  1. enable the field for display in the user record and change in the GUI
  2. Conduct a bulk change using the data import tool. Since this is a required field (if you have LMS Enabled), it will automatically be displayed
    • Functional User : 
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to note that this can only be used if the customer has this license type per their contract regardless of whether the user falls into any of the categories below. 
        • Seasonal
        • Mastered in ERP HCM (side by side)
        • Contractor
        • Retirees
        • Former employees with access
      • Active User :
        • Full time
        • Part time
        • Leave of Absence

Which kind of impact has this on the license costs?

  • This information will need to be confirmed with License and Sales department
  • Product support does not handle license questions or costs
  • Each user type is a different license type

Can this type of User also exist within Employee Central (EC)/Employee Profile (EP) and also be replicated via an interface? 

  • No - this type of user does not exist within EC 
  • The value for the field cannot be transferred into Employee Central (EC)/Employee Profile (EP) via a connector at this time
    • The only way the value can be replicated to Employee Central/Employee Profile will be manually via utilizing the Import Tool
    • If you do not have LMS enabled in your environment, this field is not a standard delivered field within Employee Central/Employee Profile
    • This field would have to be created as a custom field, and then once it exists within EC/EP then you can import values for this field
      1. System Admin > Tools > Import Data
      2. Record type = Users
      3. Select "Download template"
      4. Submit
      5. Fill in all the mandatory fields and the License User type (last column to the right) with Functional.
      6. Repeat the same steps but in 3. choose "Import data" and the import option is "Update".

TIP: Use a connector input file (archived in System Admin > Connectors > User connector -SF > show archived input file) as basis to build your file

See Also

There are two enhancement requests currently open in relation to this. Please review and vote accordingly.

  1. For an automatic way to update existing user profiles in LMS with User connector -SF
  2. There is an additional enhancement request which would enable LMS connetors to create a mapping for user license type (e.g. Active and Functional)


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