2558375 - First Row Empty or Dump in BC View Using HTML5 UI

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2558375 - First Row Empty or Dump in BC View Using HTML5 UI


When you open an Activity inside Activity List under Business Configuration Work Center, you receive a dump or the first row in list will come as empty in HTML5 but there is data in first row in Silverlight.



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Work Center Business Configuration
  2. In tab Implementation Projects
  3. Click on First Implementation
  4. Go to Open Activity List
  5. Click on ABC (ABC is the custom activity created)
  6. You will receive a dump error or see a first row empty, there is information in Silverlight


Issue is due to same CCTS Type of structure and  child. For example /Root/BC_SETS/CODE and /Root/BC_SETS/CODE/content.


The CCTS Type of the structure should be set as NONE, follow the steps below:

  1. In Silverlight UI
  2. Open the UI Designer from the where you received a dump or first row empty
  3. Tab Properties, on right
  4. Tab DataModel , on left
  5. Set the CCTS Type of structure /Root/BC_SETS/CODE as NONE
  6. And CCTS Type of data field /Root/BC_SETS/CODE/Content as text.
  7. Do the same for the all structure, each one with his proper CCTS Type.

Please note that each structure, e.g.  /Root/BC_SETS/DESCR/Content have his own CCTS Type, it means that the type TEXT will not be applied for all structure.


  1. UIDesigner.png


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