2553669 - Schedule Adhoc report by email - Report Distributor

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2553669 - Schedule Adhoc report by email - Report Distributor


  • A scheduled adhoc report in Report Center just sends a notification of the report completion by email
  • You would like to schedule an Adhoc report to receive the exported file by email


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Report Center does not send report files by email. Only the Job Start and Job Completion notifications are sent by email. We have to use Report Distributor instead.


  • As a workaround you can create a new Canvas Report (ORD) selecting an existing Adhoc query and use Report Distributor.
  1. Create a report canvas (or an ORD report if Report Center is not enabled)
  2. Drag and drop a list report component
  3. Select an adhoc query (keep in mind that any Query with adhoc data source cannot be edited in ORD)
  4. adhoc query.jpg
  5. Create a bundle in report distributor.
  6. If you have Report Center enabled you have click on View Schedules > Switch to Report Distributor
  7.  view schedule.jpg switch.jpgreport distribu.jpg
  8. Click on "Add Item", "Add Excel Table" or "Add CSV Table", select the report component
  9. select report.jpg
  10. Add it to the bundle and schedule to send by email


  •  Alternatively you can create a new report from scratch using the Live Data source and make use of all reporting tools available in ORD.

new query.jpg


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