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2553065 - Requisition External Description (To be Posted in Recruiting Marketing) Best Practices - Recruiting Management


Best practices to avoid possible issues related to the formatting of the Job Descriptions as they appear in RMK


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The job descriptions can be pasted using the following options:

  • Paste as plain text 

The paste as plain text button behaves as though the recruiting user pasted the copied content in Notepad or another plain text editor, then copied that content and pasted it into the job description field. This strips 100% of existing formatting out of the content and the recruiting user can start afresh and apply new formatting.
The Paste as plain text button should be used if the recruiting user has copied content from another web page for example. The copy action can pick up HTML content the user didn't realize was there and those HTML tags may wind up appearing visibly in the job description if the recruiting user does not paste as text.

  • Paste from Microsoft Word

The Paste from Microsoft Word button strips out unsupported Microsoft Word formatting and preserves as much formatting as can reliably be supported in various web browsers.

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Notes on Job Description Formatting:

Bullets and fonts come across from RCM to RMK for customers using Real Time Job Sync (RTJS). The use of advanced HTML, such as tables or heavily formatted content is not recommended and may result in display issues in RMK and downstream boards. Simple tags, like <li> and <b> are acceptable but not advanced tags such as <div> and <span>. If job information is not displaying properly or customers need to make changes they can update their jobs in real time.

Note that CSB (Career Site Builder) offers many possibilities in terms of job descriptions formatting via the Layouts feature and should be leveraged for advanced formatting requirements, including the insertion of images to the job descriptions.

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