2550917 - Customised Pay Type Values Not Appearing

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2550917 - Customised Pay Type Values Not Appearing


Customised Pay Type value is not appearing in the drop down.


Employee Central: Payment Information


Customised Pay Type is country-specific. The user may belong to a Job Country (based on the Country field value in Legal Entity) other than what is already associated with the Custom Pay Type value.


  1. Navigate to Admin Center -> Manage Data
  2. Search for Customised Pay Type on left hand side drop down
  3. Search for the particular Customised Pay Type value (for example, Main Pay Type)
  4. Take Action -> Make Correction
  5. Add the missing country in the section "Customised Pay Type Assignment"
  6. Save
  7. Now the Customised Pay Type will appear for the employee who belongs to the country that was added above.

Note that if no country is selected for a Customised Pay Type value, then it will not be restricted to any country, hence the particular Customised Pay Type will be available for all the countries. If the above solution does not work, then do the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin Center -> Configure Object Definitions
  2. Search for object definition of PaymentInformationV3
  3. Click on Take Action -> Make Correction on Right Hand side top corner
  4. Click on Details link for "worker" field
  5. Change visibility of the field to "Editable"
  6. Save the change
  7. If you test now, the issue should not be replicable.


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