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2547529 - KPI showing wrong value


You create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) but the current currency value is not being show when you preview it.


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This behavior is experienced because the currency key figure used by the KPI have a configuration parameter which is missing. Notice that this behavior is experienced when working with custom key figures.


In order to fix the behavior of the custom key figure used in the KPI, please follow the two step by step below:

Key Figure Configuration - Step by Step:

  1. Access your system using the Silverlight UI
  2. Go to Business Analytics work center
  3. Go to Design Key Figures view
  4. Search for the key figure used in the KPI
  5. Select it and click on the Edit button
  6. Click on the Next button until you reach the third step
  7. On the Conversion tab, for the 'Conversion Type' field select the 'Currency Conversion' value
  8. Click on the Finish button and close the wizard

Report Configuration - Step by Step:

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center
  2. Go to Design Reports view
  3. Search for the report which your KPI is based on
  4. Open the report
  5. Since you made the change in the key figure, notice that you now have a 'Display Currency - Conversion Date' field in your selection tab
  6. For this field, select the value 'Today'
  7. Save and Close the report
  8. Check your KPI again and see the results


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