2547179 - User Connector SF not updating the user's Organization field - LMS

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2547179 - User Connector SF not updating the user's Organization field - LMS


Change in the Department/Organization in BizX is not getting updated in LMS via the User Connector SF.


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Reproducing the Issue

->User's Department in BizX is Mapped to Organization in LMS

->The user's Department is changed in BizX

->The employee export sends this updated data via the feed file for the User Connector SF to process.

->The Connector processes the file and still does not update the user's organization in the user record.

->No Exceptions are seen in the Results for the Connector run for the users for whom the data was not updated.

->ORG_ID is a reference field, so if the Organization ID is not present in LMS, the Connector should create the Organization , but it does not create it.


The default value for the orgDomain id is not configured in the CONNECTOR configurations properties file.


Navigate to System Admin->Configuration->System Configuration->CONNECTORS and search for the property sfuser.connector.defaultValue.orgDomainID=

Set a default value for the orgDomain so that the Organization record which is not present in the system can be created in that domain.

If we do not have a value configured for this property, Connector will not be able to create an Organization record and hence update the user record with the new Organization data.


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