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The Recruiting Marketing platform (RMK) is designed to help clients optimize their job marketing spend by tracking and reporting on activity from their job seekers. One attribute of tracking uses a standard internet practice of capturing the IP address of the site visitor. The IP Address is used in RMK to determine the publicly available information associated with the IP address and therefore may include Country, Region/State, City, Host Name, and Lat/Long coordinates for the address.

Recent legislation has determined IP Address could be considered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) because of the ability to cross reference the publicly available information associated with the IP address with other information to determine the identity of an individual. RMK associates the IP address with Visitors to determine the country and US State of the visitor and associates the additional information mentioned above with the Talent Community Members when available.

This article explains the use of IP Address within the Recruiting Marketing Platform and the available option to prevent capturing IP Address and how it will impact the use of the system.


Companies with operations or with jobs in countries that consider IP Address Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address - Numeric value assigned to a computer that is used to establish communication between devices.
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) - Any piece of information that can be used to identify an individual.


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Clients who need to remove their historical IP data from their site may make a request through their Client Services or Professional Services representative.  This request is work that must be scheduled for completion by the Data Center Operations team and cannot be performed by Professional Services. It is recommended to stop using/tracking IP data before submitting a request to removal historical IP data.

Key items to consider:

  1. This process is permanent. Once the data has been removed it is not recoverable.
  2. Existing reports in the system will be impacted.  Please see the section on Known Limitations and Behavior for a list of reports that are impacted when there is no IP data.
  3. This request is done as a manual database script within the RMK system and must be approved and scheduled for completion.
  4. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for the removal of IP data to be scheduled and completed after the request has been submitted.   

For Professional Services and Client Services:

  1. Create a JIRA Ticket and assign the work to RMK-IT.
  2. Include the Client Name, Site Number and environment.
  3. Request that the clients historical IP data be removed from their site. 

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