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2544940 - Incorrect approver appears in the workflow participants [Custom MDF]


  • Incorrect approvers appear among the workflow participants.
  • Manager Role does not appear in the workflow participants.
  • Workflow Step / Steps missing in the worklfow participants even if they are correctly configured in the workflow.


  • SuccessFactors Cloud HCM: MDF
  • SuccessFactors Cloud HCM: MDF Worklfow

Reproducing the Issue

1) Create data for custom MDF object and click on Save, which will initiate the workflow process.


2) On the workflow confirmation pop-up window, the approvers are not correct. (Linda Wong's Manager is Grace Susilo, but some other approver appears)



    Step with Approval Type = Role and Approver Role = Manager is skipped / not listed among the workflow participants.


This behavior occurs when in a workflow step the "Relationship to Approver" is set to "Initiator".


  •  If in a workflow step, you have set "Relationship to Approver = Initiator", it means the approver for that step will appear with respect to the user who is initiating the workflow. (Charles Braun is the manager for the user who initiated the workfow for Linda Wong)
  •  If any user who does not have any Manager in system (e.g. CEO, Admin) generates any such request, then this workflow step will be skipped. (because he is initiating the workflow, hence system will try to look for his manager, but since he doesn't have one, step will not appear in the workflow participants)

        4.png  5.png


1) Set "Relationship to Approver = Employee", in the workflow step for which the wrong approver is appearing.


In this case the Manager in step 1 will be appear with respect to the employee "Linda Wong" for whom the request is being generated (Considering Linda Wong has a manager in system)



Correct approver appear for Linda Wong (Grace Susilo is the manager for Linda Wong)


  • MDF: Metadata Framework
  • Custom MDF portlets
  • Workflow
  • Relationship to Approver
  • Workflow Participants
  • Worklfow Step
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