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The Recruiting Marketing platform (RMK) is designed to help clients optimize their job marketing spend by tracking and reporting on activity from their job seekers. One attribute of tracking uses a standard internet practice of capturing the IP address of the site visitor. The IP Address is used in RMK to determine the publicly available information associated with the IP address and therefore may include Country, Region/State, City, Host Name, and Lat/Long coordinates for the address.

Recent legislation has determined IP Address could be considered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) because of the ability to cross reference the publicly available information associated with the IP address with other information to determine the identity of an individual. RMK associates the IP address with Visitors to determine the country and US State of the visitor and associates the additional information mentioned above with the Talent Community Members when available.

This article explains the use of IP Address within the Recruiting Marketing Platform and the available option to prevent capturing IP Address and how it will impact the use of the system.


Companies with operations or with jobs in countries that consider IP Address Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address - Numeric value assigned to a computer that is used to establish communication between devices.
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) - Any piece of information that can be used to identify an individual.


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The act or transaction of an individual viewing a given RMK site is tracked as a visit. A visit record is created anytime an individual visits the site. Example: the user John Doe finds a link on the internet to a job on an RMK site and navigates to that particular job page. The system will count that as one visit regardless of how many other pages on that site John Doe views before leaving the site. Expanding on this example, if John Doe leaves the site and finds another link to the same job page or different page and returns to the same RMK site, it will be counted as another visit. Generally this data is used to provide a summarized view of activity related to source tracking and may be filtered or viewed by Country and/or Region/State. The ability to view the visit data by geographical boundaries like Country depends on the ability to capture of IP Address and store it with the visit record. The IP Address is used to query publicly available information that extracts the Country and/or Region associated to the IP Address and related data with each visitor record in the database.

Visitor data including IP data is not impacted by the Remove Me or Data Retention Management features in RMK. Visitor data is removed from the RMK system after ~100 days.

Visitor IP Data

Field Visible in Recruiting Dashboard Visible in Command Center Visible in Advanced Analytics
IP Address No Yes - Limited2 No3
IP Country Yes1 Yes - Limited2 Yes
IP Region Yes1 Yes - Limited2 Yes
IP State Yes1 Yes - Limited2 Yes
IP City No Yes - Limited2 Yes
IP Zip No Yes - Limited2 No
IP ISP No Yes - Limited2 No
IP Domain Name No Yes - Limited2 No
IP Location (Lat/Long) No Yes - Limited2 No

1 - This data is only viewable at a summary level and not on an individual visitor record.

2 - This is limited to a small subset of RMK Command Center system administrators who have access to a query tool to view data on client sites.

3 - IP Address is stored in the Advanced Analytics database but is not visible in the Advanced Analytics report tool. Access to the database is limited to a subset of RMK development and support individuals.

Talent Community (TC) Members:

When an individual visiting the site starts an apply process or subscribes to the clients Talent Community they are prompted to enter information about themselves on the RMK Business Card page and stores that data with their record. During the initial creation of individual's record, the RMK application will also use the IP Address associated with their current visit data and store the IP Address with their record. As with the visitor record RMK will use the IP Address to query publicly available data and extract the related Geographic and other relevant information associated with the IP Address.

Talent Community data is anonymized with the Remove Me and Data Retention Management features in the RMK System and Advanced Analytics.

Talent Community Member IP Data

Field Visible in Recruiting Dashboard Visible in Command Center1 Visible in Advanced Analytics
IP Address Yes Yes No
IP Country Yes Yes Yes
IP Region Yes Yes Yes
IP State Yes Yes Yes
IP City Yes Yes Yes
IP Zip Yes Yes No
IP ISP Yes Yes No
IP Domain Name Yes Yes No
IP Location (Lat/Long) Yes Yes No

1 - This is limited to RMK Command Center administrative users who can access the clients site and a small subset of system administrators who have access to a query tool to view data on client sites.


Turn on/off the tracking IP Address for the RMK applications:

  • This is a control managed in Command Center.
  • The default configuration for new site builds is to NOT track IP Address.

If you would like to turn on/off the Tracking IP Address functionality, please reach out to your Implementation Partner or create an incident on the Support Launchpad for the RMK Support team.

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  • IP Address tracking
  • IP Capturing and Storing
  • Disabling / enabling
  • RMK Data Protection Compliance
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