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2540889 - People Profile : Characteristics, Performance and User Interface


People Profile : People Profile UI 

  • The Design , Configuration and Behavior of People Profile UI (PP3) Differs greatly in comparison to Revolution UI (V12) and should not be considered as an update to Revolution UI (V12) but a new application.
  • As a result of these improvements in People Profile UI (PP3), some functionality which may have been in use while running Revolution UI (V12) on your instance may no longer remain exactly the same, therefore the expected behavior may differ from when Revolution UI  was active on the instance.


SAP SuccessFactors

  • Employee Central 2.0
  • Metadata Framework
  • My Employee Files / Employee Profile

Reproducing the Issue

People Profile Performance Queries

  • A general observation or incident request : Employee Profile Page is slow to load
  • As People Profile implements a new design feature where all employee information is displayed on one page some aspects have been highlighted, specifically performance. 
  • People Profile UI  Now differs from Revolution UI in that all information is loaded on one profile page rather than being distributed across multiple pages "Views" as with Revolution UI (V12). 
  • As a result of this it may take slightly longer to load all employee information on the page, as there are now multiple requests being made for each information block being displayed on the profile. 
  • It is established that the amount of blocks configured on the people profile page will have a direct corralation on the performance of the employee page. 
  • The general recommendation from Product Owner with regards to performance and block quantity on the profile page is between 20-25 blocks effective performance
  • Configuration above the recommeded amount of people profile blocks such as 50-80 blocks will see a performance decrease specifically in loading the page. 
  • Please note that all performance related issues will be treated with a priority rating of "Medium".
  • Further details regarding incident priority can be found using the following link : 2155240 - Assess Incident Priority - SuccessFactors

People Profile User Interface Queries

  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) with People Profile UI Differs greatly from that of Revolution UI Employee Profile
  • As a result of this there may be several aspects of the application which have changed in comparison to Revolution UI (V12)
  • Due to changes in the architecture and coding of People Profile some features seen in Employee Profile V12 may no longer be availible in People Profile
  • Further details on these changes can be viewed here: People Profile handbook > "What Changes When You Upgrade to People Profile"


Depending on the issue you are facing, there will be specific information required by Product Support to help further speed up the Support Incident -:


Creating a Support Incident for People Profile Performance

When Creating an incident specifically for people profile performance issues please take into account the following :

  • Each Case will be treated seperatly and through a case by case basis
  • This is due to the fact that configurations differ from instance to instance and therefore there exists varying factors which may impact performance such as :
  • Configuraton / Currently Configured Blocks on the Profile / If Employee Central Is Implemented on the Instance
  • Therefore each case regarding people profile performance maybe as a result of these variations. 

In order for Support Engineers to address these issue in the most efficient manner we will require the following data and details from the incident reporter :

  • Browser Information e.g Internet Explorer , FireFox, Chrome and the current version 
  • Screenshots displaying the specific aspect of the application 
  • Reproduction Steps , insight into how you encountered this behavior and how to reproduce the same 
  • Time Stamp from your instance , this can be achieved by clicking : "Show version information" at the bottom of each page in the instance. 
  • HTTP Watch Logs : These logs are essential in addressing any performance related incidents, directions of how to retrieve the logs can be found in the instructions below. 

In order to install a copy of HTTPWatch you can download and use for free from - (Basic Edition)


To capture the HTTPWatch logs for the issue, open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools and click HTTPWatch Basic (or "HTTPWatch Professional" if you have Professional edition) -:


  • Navigate to the page where the Performance Issue is observerd.
  • Click the Record button  in the HTTPWatch section of the browser window. Record.JPG
  • Then refresh the page in the browser and HTTPWatch will start recording the network activity : 


Once the affected page has finished loading , click stop , and then save the .hwl file.


This .hwl file showing the timings and network communications can then be provided to Success Factors Support Engineers along with the information and data highlighted above.


Creating a Support Incident for People Profile User Interface

  • When Creating a support incident regarding People Profile User Interface issues please ensure to include the following details
  • Screenshots of the affected module , highlighting the observed behavior. 
  • Timestamp of the instance 
  • Reproduction Document showing the steps to reproduce the same behavior



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