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2538099 - Mandatory Field Canton in New Account Does not Raise an Error Message When Saving Although it is Not Filled.


For Swiss accounts, the Canton field in the address was manually set to mandatory. It is still possible to save a new account without having the Canton field filled.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Account Management workcenter.
  2. Select New Corporate Account from the Common Task List.
  3. Enter the Adaptation mode and set the Canton field to mandatory.
  4. As a result, the Canton field now has a blue star, indicating that this is a mandatory field.
  5. In the Account field, enter account name ABC (ABC represent the name of the new account).
  6. For Country, select Switzerland.
  7. Leave the Canton field blank and press Save.

Result: The new account can be saved without an error message.


Certain fields, such as Canton as well as House Number etc. are fields under the Embedded Component UI screen. As per system behaviour, the Silverlight framework does not trigger any mandatory checks for fields under these components. This function is only available in the HTML5 framework.


Recreate the above steps in HTML5 and click Save.
The system will now trigger the error message 'Save Failed; Field is set as mandatory'. The Canton field will be marked in red.


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