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2537753 - Syncing Inactive Users from BizX to ONB


User is Inactive in BizX where as still active in ONB
Candidates are not visible in Manage Pending Hire as Manager is not Active in BizX whereas Manager is active in Onboarding


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Reproducing the Issue

User is inactive in BizX where as while searching in Onboarding , User is active


Setup User sync correctly to ensure , Inactive users are sent to Onboarding for locked out


Step 1 : Include Inactive users in Adhoc User Sync report or in Delta user sync report
BizX => Reporting => Edit the Job => People => Include Inactive users
inactive users.PNG

Add Status Column also in this Job

Step 2 : Run the Adhoc User Sync / Delta User sync and verify Status Column is populating with 'Active User' or 'Inactive User'
NOTE : Check the value populated here as sometimes, Inactive User contains extra space also which means instead of value 'Inactive User' it may be 'Inactive User ' , This space can cause issue while mapping in Onboarding

Step 3 : Check in Super admin => Import/Export settings => FoundationImport file =>
under User sync fields definition :

<Field name="@LockedOut@" type="String" />

Step 4 : Check in Super admin => Import/Export settings => FoundationImportFieldMapping file =>
under User sync fields mapping with CSV file :

<Field key="@LockedOut@" value="Status" />

Step 5 : check in Super admin => Import/Export settings => ImportUsers
check here if LockedOut condition is defined correctly or not :

<xsl:when test="./csvcolumn[@name = '@LockedOut@']='Inactive User'">


<xsl:when test="./csvcolumn[@name = '@LockedOut@']='Inactive User'">

value defined here should match with the value available in CSV file. For eg , if Status has value as : 'Inactive User '  extra space here , same should be updated in XSLT file also i.e.  <xsl:when test="./csvcolumn[@name = '@LockedOut@']='Inactive User '">

Upon above configuration , Run the User sync file and let system place file at SFTP. Onboarding system shall process this file and based on above conditions will make changes in users in Onboarding and will mark flag Locked out for Inactive users.

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