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2535422 - Creating Open Enrollment Mentoring Programs


Create mentoring programs that are open-ended and allow all employees, or a subgroup of employees, to see and sign up freely as mentors, mentees, or both.


Career Development Planning and Mentoring


Open enrollment programs allow you to create simple programs that are open to all employees, or to a subgroup that you define. No invitations are sent; employees with access can see and sign up for the program at any time. Users can even sign up as both a mentor and a mentee in the same open enrollment program.


  • If you plan to use dynamic groups to limit participation to a subset of employees, set those groups up first
  • If you plan to require manager approval for mentors to sign up for the program, your system must include configuration for Home Page TODOs


  1. Go to  Admin Center > Tools > Manage Mentoring Programs.

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    Your program overview page is where you'll find all your programs, grouped by status.

  2. Click Create New Program and choose Open Enrollment.
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    2. Enter a name and description for your program.
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  3. The description field is displayed on the mentor and mentee overview pages for the program. So in addition to the basic program description, you can also add information like next steps or other program guidelines you'd like to share with participants.

  4. Optionally, assign one or more program owners.

    Program owners can administer mentoring programs but cannot create them.

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  5. Set the maximum number of mentees and mentors you want to allow your program participants to have.
    When mentors sign up for a mentoring program, they can adjust the number of mentees they wish to be paired with, up to the limit you've defined for the program.
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  6. Select Allow participants to end mentoring relationships.
    Remember: If you don't select this option in an open enrollment program, then mentors and mentees will not be able to end their assignments to one another without administrator intervention.
  7. If your solution includes integration with SAP Jam, you can create an SAP Jam group linked to the mentoring program.

    When you create an SAP Jam group with a mentoring program, the group inherits the mentoring program name. If a group with the same name already exists, the system gives you the option to edit the SAP Jam group name.

    The mentoring admin and any mentoring program owners are invited to the SAP Jam group and added as group administrators. Once mentors and mentees are matched, they are also invited to the SAP Jam group. And finally, the SAP Jam group feed is displayed in the mentor and mentee overview pages for the mentoring program.

  8. Decide if you want to Require Mentor Approval and whether that approval should be by administrators or managers.
Option Description
Approval by Administrators

If you choose to require mentor approval by the mentoring program administrator or owner, provide some instructions in the box provided to let prospective mentors know what sort of document you expect them to submit with their sign-up form.

Once a mentor submits a sign-up request, their status is set to pending and the mentoring administrator or owner receives a notification for the approval.

Approval by Manager When a mentor signs up for one of these programs, their manager receives a notification and their status is set to pending.
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  1. By default, the Target Participants are all employees authorized to access Mentoring. You can limit participation by selecting one or more groups.
    • The system uses the employee groups associated with the program to limit visibility and sign-up access. The dynamically changing population of group members is applied so that, on any given day, a user who is a member of the group will be able to see and sign up for the program.

Next Steps: Complete the sign-up form and launch the program.

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