2535309 - Learning Activity status in CDP and LMS. How to find details on Learning Activities in LMS.

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2535309 - Learning Activity status in CDP and LMS. How to find details on Learning Activities in LMS.


  1. Status of Learning Activity is different in the Development Plan (CDP) than in LMS/ Learning
  2. Learning Activity has disappeared or status has changed


  • Career Development Plan (CDP)/ Development Plan
  • LMS/ Learning system

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Comparing the status of a Learning Activity in CDP and LMS shows different status'
  2. Learning Activities that were previously visible in either system have disappeared, or have been set to completed without user completing them


  1. The same courses can be assigned multiple times in LMS, and they may be in different status’
  2. The Learning Administrator has deleted or changed the status in LMS (native login)


To see if courses/ learning Activities/ items have been assigned multiple times, as an Admin, you must check the ‘Items Assigned’ folder in LMS.

 To see this:

  1. Go to Admin center > Learning > Learning Administrator
  2. Click on Users > search for user:

Learning 1.jpg

3. Click on User ID field that appears:

learning 2.jpg

4. Under ‘Assigned Items’ you can see how often a course was assigned and what was assigned, as well as assigned date and completion date (if it was completed).

 Learning 3.jpg

If the course has been assigned more than once, some of the status’ may not show as completed. This is the reason it is still showing as Planned in CDP/ Development Plan.

In order to check the audit trail of who did what with the Learning Activities, you can run a report in LMS.


LMS Reporting:

As a Learning Administrator, you can run a report to see who assigned a learning item, who deleted it and from where it was assigned.

  1. Click on Reports in the top right:

Learning 4.jpg

2. Make sure ‘Audit’ is enabled and open ‘User Learning Plan Audit Report (CSV):

 Learning 5.jpg

3. Use the filter to open the search field and search for user:

Learning 6.jpg

4. Select the user (checkbox) > Click on ‘Add to Filter’ and then on ‘Submit Filter’

Learning 7.jpg

5.Click on ‘Schedule Job’

Learning 8.jpg

Note: you can also choose to mask user ID’s here.

6. Finish job:

Learning 9.jpg

7. In the next screen, click on ‘Report Jobs’

Learning 10.jpg

8. Now you can download the report

Learning 11.jpg


Checking the report:

You can filter the columns for the necessary data. Most columns are self-explanatory. Important to remember are the columns:

  • Sequence Number: This will show you the different courses assigned and how often they were assigned. E.g. when course 2406 appears 3 times, then it was assigned 3 times.
  • Action: This will show you three states:
  1. Insert = when it was assigned
  2. Modify = speaks for itself
  3. Delete = speaks for itself
  • Origin: will show you from where it was assigned

For example, below you can see that mhoff1 was assigned Course KSO-ILT-Course, which was updated by cgrant1 on that date and the action taken was to delete the course. Below that is an example of the Origin column.

Learning 12.jpg

Using this report you can check who did what with each course.

Additional Information:

When a course is assigned to you in the Development Plan, best practice is to go to the Development Plan > Launch learning activity from there and complete it this way:

Learning 15.jpg


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