2535277 - Assigning Permissions for Mentors and Mentees

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2535277 - Assigning Permissions for Mentors and Mentees


How to assign the role-based permissions necessary for all mentoring participants?


SAP SuccessFactors Mentoring

SAP SuccessFactors Career Development and Planning

Role Based Permissions

Metadata Framework



  1. Go to  Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles .
  2. Choose the role or roles to assign access and then click Permission.
  3. Go to  Administrator Permissions > Metadata Framework > Read/Write Permission on Metadata Framework .
  4. Go to the User Permissions section and select the following:
    •  Career Development Planning > Mentoring Programs Access Permission

      This permission provides users access to the Mentoring tab under Development.

    •  Employee Data > First Name > View

    •  Employee Data > Last Name > View

    •  General User Permission > Company Info Access > User Search. This permission allows users to search for mentees and mentors. (Note: You can restrict mentor and mentee searches by setting a target population.)

  5. If your solution includes integration with SAP Jam, select  General User Permissions > SAP Jam Access .

    This permission allows you to access SAP Jam from Mentoring.


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