2534424 - Unable To Edit Target Text In Language Adaptation

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2534424 - Unable To Edit Target Text In Language Adaptation


You are unable to edit Target Texts in Messages for Language Adaptation

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Administrator work center.
  2. Go to General Settings view.
  3. Click on Language Adaptatations.
  4. Open Language Adaptation ABC(where ABC is the Language Adaptation ID).
  5. Under Text Pool Selection facet make sure Get Message Texts is checked.
  6. Navigate to Messages facet.
  7. Click on Edit.

The Target Text column is greyed out and you cannot edit the Target Texts for Messages.


The Message Text is locked by Language Adaptation XYZ(where XYZ is another Language Adaptation).
Only one Language Adaptation can edit a particular text at a time. It is not possible to have write permission to the same text by multiple Language Adaptations.


When you enter Edit mode and hover over the text, a tool tip displays the name of the original text pool(XYZ in this case). This only applies to the UI texts and messages since code and report texts do not have locks.
XYZ keeps write locks for all texts it has collected as the first Language Adaptation.

If you want to transfer the write lock to another Language Adaptation you will have to delete XYZ.

Make sure you have rescued all adaptation existing in XYZ by collecting the same texts in another Language Adaptation (ABC in this case).
After removing XYZ and re-collecting ABC you will see the write permissions being transferred to ABC now.

See Also

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