2533613 - 'Feature upgrade failed!' while enabling 'Analytics in EC' from the Upgrade Center

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2533613 - 'Feature upgrade failed!' while enabling 'Analytics in EC' from the Upgrade Center


Attempts to enable the 'Analytics in EC' feature from the Upgrade Center fails with the message 'Feature upgrade failed!'


SuccessFactors Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1.  Admin Center > Company Settings > Release Center >  Upgrade Center
  2. Choose 'Analytics In EC (beta)' under Optional Upgrades.


  3. Click 'Upgrade Now' and proceed with the upgrade.



  4. Upgrade fails



The upgrade will fail if the 'Olap Data Service URL' is blank in Provisioning.


The fix requires changes done in Provisioning.
Please contact your Implementation partner or create a support incident, if you do not have access to Provisioning.

  1. Log in to Provisioning.
  2. Select the company under concern and then Company Settings.
  3. Search for 'Olap Data Service URL'
  4. Please enter the URL relevant to the datacenter, from the following list.

    DataCenter URL
    Amsterdam (Production) https://analytics2.successfactors.eu/OlapWebApi 
    Amsterdam (Preview) https://analytics2preview.sapsf.eu/OlapWebApi 
    Amsterdam (Demonstration) https://analyticsdemo2.sapsf.eu/OlapWebApi 
    Chandler (Production) https://analytics4.successfactors.com/OlapWebApi
    Chandler (Preview) https://analytics4preview.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Chandler (Demonstration) https://analyticsdemo4.successfactors.com/OlapWebApi 
    Ashburn (Production) https://analytics8.successfactors.com/OlapWebApi 
    Ashburn (Preview) https://analytics8preview.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Ashburn (Demonstration) https://analyticsdemo8.successfactors.com/OlapWebApi 
    Sydney (Production) https://analytics10.successfactors.com/OlapWebApi 
    Sydney (Preview) https://analytics10preview.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Rot (Production) https://analytics012.successfactors.eu/OlapWebApi 
    Rot (Preview) https://analytics12preview.sapsf.eu/OlapWebApi 
    Rot Bosch (Production) https://analytics012b.successfactors.eu/OlapWebApi 
    Shanghai (Production) https://analytics15.sapsf.cn/OlapWebApi 
    Toronto (Production)  https://analytics17.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Toronto (Preview) https://analytics17preview.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Russia (Production) https://analytics18.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Russia (Preview) https://analytics18preview.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Sao Paulo (Production) https://analytics19.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    Sao Paulo (Preview) https://analytics19preview.sapsf.com/OlapWebApi 
    QAMAIN Rot https://qarot-analytics.sflab.ondemand.com/qamain/OlapWebApi 
    QACAND Rot https://qarot-analytics.sflab.ondemand.com/qacand/OlapWebApi 
    QAPATCH Rot https://qarot-analytics.sflab.ondemand.com/qapatch/OlapWebApi 
    QAPATCHPREVIEW Rot https://qarotpatchpreview-analytics.sflab.ondemand.com/QAPatchPreview/OlapWebApi 
    QACAND (ECDEV) Rot https://qarot-analytics.sflab.ondemand.com/ecdev/OlapWebApi 
    QAPERFORMANCE (Rot) https://qarotperformance-analytics.sflab.ondemand.com/QAPerformance/OlapWebApi 

  5. Save changes in provisioning and perform the upgrade again from the Upgrade Center


Analytics in EC
Feature Upgrade failed
Olap Data Service URL
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