2533253 - How To Set Access Restrictions For Installed Base

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2533253 - How To Set Access Restrictions For Installed Base


You have created a Business Role ABC (ABC represents the name of the business role) with a read and write access restriction on Installed base with (for example) Rule 04 - Access based on the Employee, Territory assignment and Service Organization of the Employee. When you now log on to the system with a user DEF assigned to ABC and go to the Installed Base work center you expect to see only the Installed Base where the user is part of the Involved Parties however all are showing up.

Reproducing the Issue

Prerequisite as seen in the description.

  1. Log in with DEF.
  2. Go to the Installed Base work center.
  3. You see all Installed Bases.


You did not maintain any owner for the Installed Base and the system presumes the objects to be homeless/ orphaned.

We are not providing any party determination for installed base/registered products - hence there is no way to set a determination for the owner to be pulled from the account as we do not presume that the account owner will also be the Installed Base owner. This is as per requirements and not a bug and therefore is expected system behaviour.


The owner on the Installed Base has to be edited manually. We do support implicit determinations. The bill-to, ship-to and payer can be picked up from the Relationship of the Account if they are maintained there. The Service Technician is defaulted from the Account Team of the account, if maintained.

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