2530499 - Update Location From is Not Working in Registered Product

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2530499 - Update Location From is Not Working in Registered Product


Update Location From is not updating data under Product Location section in Registered Product.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Products work center.
  2. Go to the Registered Products view.
  3. Open Registered Product ABC (ABC represents the Registered Product ID).
  4. Go to the Overview Tab.
  5. Click on Update Location From button.
  6. Select either Main Address / Bill-To Address / Ship-To Address.

Product Location fields are not updated. However, system is showing the message that 'Your entries have been saved'.


Ship-to party is missing in the registered product. In Business Configuration scoping, it is configured to update registered product location from ship-to party. Hence update location is working only for registered product with ship-to party.


You need to add the Ship-to Party to the registered product, or change the business configuration option to update location from customer.

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the Current Project.
  4. Click on Edit Project Scope.
  5. Go to 4th Step: Questions.
  6. Expand the Entitlement Management under Service.
  7. Select Registered Products and Installed Base.
  8. Uncheck the question "Registered product use customer address as the default location. Do you want to the use the Ship-to-party address instead?"
  9. Finish.

NOTE: this scenario is not supported as part of the integration scenario and will be taken as a new requirement for future releases.


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