2528476 - Namespace in Payment File Needs to be "http://www.six-interbank-clearing.com/de/pain.001.001.03.ch.02.xsd

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2528476 - Namespace in Payment File Needs to be "http://www.six-interbank-clearing.com/de/pain.001.001.03.ch.02.xsd


You want to create an Outgoing Payment File with format ISO20022 for Switzerland. The file has been created but it is not readable by the bank.

Reproducing the Issue

This is a bank specific scenario resulting in this error message (provided by the bank):

The XML namespace of the system-generated payment files "isurn: std: iso: 20022: tech: xsd: pain.001.001.03" deviates from the namespace required by the bank "http: //www.six-interbank-clearing. com / en / pain.001.001.03.ch.02.xsd".




There are two very similiar payment medium formats for ISO20022 but for Switzerland it has to be CH ISO20022.


In Bank Details under Payment Format enter Payment Medium Format code: CH ISO20022.

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management work center.
  2. Go to My Banks subview.
  3. Select your bank and click Edit - Bank Account.
  4. Select the relevant bank account and go to the Payment Format tab.
  5. Choose format CH ISO20022 and save.

Then the payment file will be created with the correct Namespace for Switzerland.


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