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2527989 - Details cannot be calculated on IF formula in SAP Analytics Cloud (BOC)


The following error occurs in the SAP Analytics Cloud modeler when saving a formula with the "Calculate on details" feature / 'Details()' keyword:

  • Details cannot be calculated on IF Formula

31-Aug-17 1-21-18 PM.png

This error may also appear when you open a story referencing an account / measure that uses the "Calculate on details" feature / 'Details()' keyword:

  • An error occurred while executing the query. No changes were made and the previous state is now restored.
  • Caught exception: exception 70034011: Inconsistent calculation model\$message\$=Inconsistent calculation model;calculationNode (N_0007_AGR) -> attributes ->attribute
    (R_[sap.epm:Account].[parentId].&[Round]__SignedData) -> expression:Expression is not valid: Evaluator:type error in expression evaluator;fixed16_24.7 fixed_16([here]round(fixed16_24.7 "R_[sap.epm:Account].[parentId].&[700000]__SignedData",decfloat '2'))

31-Aug-17 1-18-42 PM.png


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2017.16


The usage of the "Calculate on details" feature is only supported with the following functions:

  • ABS
  • LOG
  • LOG10
  • INT
  • NOT_EQUAL !=
  • LESS <
  • AND 
  • OR
  • ADD +
  • SUB _
  • MULT *
  • DIV /


Do not use the formula with the "Calculate on details" feature / 'Details()' keyword as it will be deprecated / not supported.

Instead add the exception aggregation 'SUM' with all required dimensions as exception aggregation dimensions.

See the following article on Exception Aggregation in SAP Analytics Cloud: Applying Aggregation in SAP Analytics Cloud

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