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2525342 - OnStartDate Job Concepts-Onboarding


  •  Customer would like to know exact functionality of OnStartDate Job and how the UserID is updated in Onboarding.
  • OnStartDate job is not updating the records


  •  Applicable To All DataCenters.
  • Onboarding


Please Find Below Steps:

Step 1:
All the users with either one of the below conditions fulfilled are picked up. 
I. Who were created within X number of days from today ie.,
Today’s date - Creation date < X days.
II. Whose hire-date is in the future and last modified is within X days from today. (this is done to accommodate rehire scenario) i.e,
HireDate >=Today’s date  and Today’s date - lastModifiedDate<X days.

X day value is fetched from Hook Date range specified in the OnStartDateStatusChange job in provisioning.

Step 2:
I. Picks each user from this list and checks if the userid is present in any of the CandidateInfoObjects’ userid field.
II. If yes, then the job skips the current user and moves on to next user in the list. Else, goes to
        step 3 for the current user.

Step 3:
I. Each user is picked up and his first name, last name and date of birth (if present) along with his userid are sent to KMS.
II. A search happens based on the values passed and a record is fetched.
III. KMS updates his ‘Employeelogin’ key with this new userid from bizx and after updating, sends the KMSUserid back to bizx.

Step 4:
Now using this KMSUserid, we check across all the CandidateInfoObjects and get the object which matches with it and update that object with the userid.

Step 5:
Note: This step is executed only in instances with RCM.
In this step, we update RCM with the userid and move the candidate from hireable to hired state.

 In order to configure this Job,please refer implementation guide for more details.


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