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2524768 - Restrict Concurrent BizX Sessions


  • What does the feature Restrict Concurrent BizX Sessions refer to?
  • How do we activate this feature?
  • Why has this feature been introduced? Is it available for all countries?
  • Does the feature apply to all types of login methods?
  • Does this feature apply to mobile devices?
  • Will this feature apply to different browsers?
  • Can you give some examples of how this feature will work


  • BizX Platform


  • BizX allows multiple concurrent sessions for a single user account. With this change, we are restricting multiple sessions and will prompt a user to logout of other sessions before starting a new session
    login not possible.PNG
  • This feature is available to activate with the b1708 release.
  • To activate the feature you will need to be a certified partner with provisioning access or contact customer support to enable the switch - "Disallow concurrent login session"
  • Multiple concurrent sessions for one user could be a potential security flaw. In addition, a new data privacy law in Italy mandated this change for customers in Italy. Once activated for your instance, this feature will apply to all users regardless of the country they live in.
  • This feature is only available for customers who are pure login and SAML user.
  • Restrict Concurrent BizX Sessions only applies to web sessions. This feature does not apply for mobile sessions and it not available for mobile devices.
  • Concurrent sessions will not be allowed using different browsers when the feature is activated. So for example if a user has an open session using Internet Explorer, they will not be able to login to another session using Chrome until they have logged out of the initial session.

How the feature will work with 3 scenarios

  1. User A logs into SuccessFactors + takes no action. For the 30 minutes while this session is active even though the user is not taking any action, User A cannot login to another session in any browser. After 30 minutes has elapsed, User A will be automatically logged out and can then login using another browser. *Note: If the user closes out the browser application, he will need to wait 30 mins. (default BizX session timeout) to be able to access SuccessFactors instance again.
  2. User B logs into SuccessFactors + takes action for the first 15 minutes but does not logout. For the next 30 minutes User B performs no action but the session remains active, User B cannot login to another session in any browser. After 45 minutes from the initial login, user B will be automatically logged out and can then login using another browser. 
  3. User C logs into SuccessFactors + takes action. User C cannot login using another browser. User C logs out from the open session. User C can then login using another browser.
  • The SuccessFactors BizX suite has a hard default setting of 30 minutes timeout of no activity, see 2088893
  • If you would like to suggest any improvements or additional functionality in relation to this feature please review KBA 2090228 and follow the enhancement process.


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