2523079 - Supervisor Assign/Remove learning feature - LMS

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2523079 - Supervisor Assign/Remove learning feature - LMS


We would need to have the updated view for the Supervisor Assign/Remove Learning feature 


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The Assign/Remove Learning feature has two different flows/layouts, it depends if the setting "updatedSupervisorFlow=" is set to "true" or "false". When it is set to "false", it shows the old flow/layout.

updatedSupervisorFlow=false flow/layout:


updatedSupervisorFlow=true flow/layout:


As confirmed by Product Management, the old supervisor flow/layout is no longer supported. It is not intended to make any changes to this unsupported feature.

The setting mentioned above is present on the LMS admin side under System Admin->Configuration->System Configuration->LMS_ADMIN config file.

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