2519368 - Difference between Design KPI and Design KPIs Work Center View

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2519368 - Difference between Design KPI and Design KPIs Work Center View


When you open the Business Analytics work center, you notice that SAP Business by Design has two KPI views (Design KPI & Design KPIs).

Design KPI view is used to create KPIs which are only available in the Business in Focus app. KPIs created from this view are not visible anywhere else in the Business by Design system.

Design KPIs view is used to create evaluations from the available KPIs and then see these, along with the pre-delivered ones, in the Corporate Performance and Managing my Area work centers.
There is a known issue where the view Design KPIs has no records available. If you face this issue in your system, please open an incident.


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How to activate the view Design KPI (Business in Focus App)

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the view Implementation projects.
  3. Click on Edit Project Scope.
  4. Go to step 4 questions.
  5. Under scoping Element go to the Built in Services and Support.
  6. Open the System Management and go to the Analytics option.
  7. On the right side you will see the group Analytics Integration - SAP Business in Focus Mobile App.
  8. If you want to use the app, please scope it and tick the box.
  9. The view Design KPI will now be available and you can create KPIs for the app.


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