2512272 - Frequently Asked Questions in Time Administration

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2512272 - Frequently Asked Questions in Time Administration


These are some frequently asked queries from customers in Time Administration:

Question 1: User cannot access Time File of an employee under Time Administration.
Answer: User does not have access rights of Time Administration workenter.

Question 2. Is it mandatory to add Time Account Rule while assigning Add-hoc Time Account for an employee?
Answer: Yes, it is mandatory to add Time Account Rule while assigning Add-hoc Time Account in Time File of an employee.
             There is an error message received if you have not added the Tiem Account Rule : No time account rule is maintained for this time account.
             Now you can proceed to add the Time Account in Time Account Balance of the employee successflly.

Question 3: Why are you not able to see the deduction of leaves under newly changed Time Account from Temporary to Permanent?
Answer: The Time Type XXX is not linked to the Time Account during the given period:
            1. Go to Time Types Activity in Business Configurations
            2. Select Maintain Employee Time Types.
            3. Select required Time Type and add a row in Time Account Posting with correspoding validity. Perform Day CLosure Run for this employee from the Time Profile Start Date.

Question 4. Why is the Administrator able to record time for an employee under Time Type not assigned to him/her?
Answer: The Time Type shall be activated in Time Administration workcenter.
             The Administrator can use the Time Type assigned to the Country of this Employee.

Question 5. You cannot find the leaves deducted for employee under Time Account Balance tab.
Answer: Employee will be able to record the Employee Times, even if there is no Time Account assigned.
             But you will not able to see the balances because the Time Account is not assigned to the Employee. You have to assign the Time Account to the Time Profile of the employee.

Question 6. You cannot see a assigned Holiday Calendar under Employee Timesheet.
Answer: You have not assigned a Work Schedule and Time Model to this employee under Time Profile tab in Time File.

Question 7. Is it possible to hide the Country name while creating the new Time Model from the Time Model wizard?
Answer: No, it is not possible to hide the Country name while creating the new Time Model from the Time Model wizard.
             The availability of the Countries in the drop-down is based on the Countries that are scoped in Project in Business Configuration.

Question 8. Is it possible to restrict Time Recording for same Time Frame via different channels?
Answer: No, it is not possible to configure any restrictions for a user to enter his/her Time Recording for same time frame via different channels e.g., Employee Time Recording, Time Punches. This is due to the fact that a user can perform different tasks at the same time for which he can enter his Time Recording for the same time frame.

Question 9. Planned Working Time not calculating for an employee.
Answer: One of the reasons for Planned Working Time not showing correctly could be that the Time model for the selected duration is not added in Work Schedule under Time Profile for the employee.



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