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2511935 - Frequently Asked Questions on Personnel Administration


This document covers some basic and frequently asked questions in relation to Personnel Administration work center in SAP Business ByDesign


Q1:  Why does the Employees view  display a higher level manager instead of the actual manager of an Employee?

A1:  The employees manager is not assigned to a Reporting Line Org Unit, and therefore the manager of the above Reporting Line Org Unit is (and will be displayed as) the responsible Line Unit Manager. Find more info in case doc 1949073.


Q2: Why does the system does not allow to terminate an employee, and throws the error message Start Date of Agreement Cannot be Before Work Agreement Start Date, although the employee’s Work Agreement date matches the Termination Date?

A2: A Business Partner ID with an active Business Partner Role is assigned to this employee,  and the status of the Business Partner role needs to be set to Obsolete. Find more info in case doc 2218750.


Q3: Why does the error message Organizational assignment not valid; validity period is DD.MM.YYYY to DD1.MM1.YYYY1 appears, when you try to change the Hire Date of an Employee to a past date?

A3: A date prior to the Org Unit Valid From Date has been selected as new Hire Date. Which means, that the Org Unit itself doesn't exist at that time. The Hire Date of an employee should always on/after the Start Date of the Org Unit. Either of them should be adapted. Find more info in case doc 2057299.


Q4: How can you check in which Country an employee is hired?

A4: Relevant is not the Country of the Company the employee is hired to. You can check this in Personnel Administration work center in the Advanced version of the Employees view. Here you can find the Country of his Employment.


Q5: Is it possible to remove a bank account from an employee record?

A5: If a bank account has already been used in any payments, then it is not possible to remove them from the system due to legal compliancies.


Q6: Is it possible to create multi-value list extension field in Employee screen?

A6: It is not possible to create a multi-value list extension field in Business ByDesign. The workaround is to create a text field in which to maintain multiple values.


Q7: Why is it not possible to change the Valid From date of the employee's Biographical Data?

A7: This is the standard system behavior. The validities in the Biographical Data are meant to identify "versions" of the record should changes occur — for example, if the employee gets married or changes name. Initial value will have default Valid From date set at 01.01.0001 and the Valid To date as one day before the next version (if there's any; otherwise, Valid To value will be Unlimited). Changes to the Biographical Data should be done by adding a new row — in this case, the row will have Valid From date as the date when the change was made and Valid To date up to Unlimited.


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