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2511489 - Troubleshooting performance issues in SAP Analytics Cloud *** Master KBA ***


You experience poor performance using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).


  • SAP Analytics Cloud


There are multiple reasons why performance may be affected. This master KBA explores how to collect more information and test your network, client and stories.



Client computer

  • Perform the same action with a different computer. Your computer may be affected by domain policies, browser settings or specific configurations for your user account.
  • Check if other users in your location also experience the same problem.
  • Confirm you have the correct client software and client configuration requirements at System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites on the SAP Help portal.
  • Enable the "High Performance" power plan. See 2327454 - Low performance occurs in tables / grid and other areas of SAP Analytics Cloud.


Your network connection has a significant influence on your experience. Steps to test your network:

  • Wireless: We all love wireless but it is not as fast as Gigabit ethernet and other great network adapters.
  • Reverse proxy: Are you using a reverse proxy to access SAP Analytics Cloud? Verify if the behavior also happens when you connect to the public URL and you access the demo stories.
  • Internet connection: Test the latency from your network to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. Warning! This is only an estimate. You can use the internet test Web site of your choice and simulate a connection to the city where your tenant is located. See this link for further details on the SAP Cloud Trust Center - Data Center Locations.
  • VPN: Using VPNs may affect your performance as you may be tunneling your request to SAP Analytics Cloud via your VPN connection. You can compare the performance when connected directly to your network. If you notice a significant improvement, contact your VPN administrator.

SAP Analytics Cloud Story

  • Simplify your story: Use canvas style stories to your advantage.
  • Chart Optimization: Avoid charts with a large number of data points (>500).
  • Images: SVG and PNG files can be resized to decrease the time to download these files.
  • Linked Analytics: Linking too many charts will trigger updating their values every time the selection or filter changes.
  • Settings: Take advantage of Progressive Chart Rendering. See the following article for more information: 2604574.

Live Data versus Imported Data (Acquired)

  • If you are using live data, your browser is requesting data directly from source (backend) system. You can verify with your HANA, S/4HANA, BW or BI administrator how to test the performance of direct connections.
  • You can compare performance of similar stories using imported data (you can use the sample model, for example).

Capturing performance information in Chrome

  • If you have tested all the previous steps and still experience performance problems, capture more details using Chrome Developer Tools. More details found in the following article: 2413393.

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