2508548 - Guide and FAQ for Web Services

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2508548 - Guide and FAQ for Web Services


This case document covers some basic guidance and frequently asked questions regarding Web Services in SAP Business byDesign and Cloud for Customer.

This document will keep being update with new questions and topics, according to system updates and new questions and features.

This document will follow the below structure:

  • Initial guidance to Web Services
  • Relevant Examples for queries
  • Frequently asked questions

Considering that this Case Document will receive periodic updates, below is the versioning information:

Document Version Release Date Update Information
1 October 18th, 2017 First Version


The Web Services in Business byDesign and Cloud for Customer provides an environment to execute queries directly from system URLs using Open Data Protocol (OData). You can create and manage the web services through the system UI, and use URLs to execute filters, sort the results and limit the amount of data to be returned by the server.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When trying to execute a web service passing a XML to update or add a new business object, I receive error "Authorization role missing for service".

A: In order to execute the web service, you need to use the technical user and password that was set uppon the creation of the web service. Please check wether you are using the web service user with the correct password.


Q: What is the difference between the Web Services "Check ABC" and "Maintain ABC"? (ABC represents the business object of the web service)

A: The Web Services with "Check" prefix are used to simulate the operations, generally before the proper update execution. The call of any of these Web Services will not change data on any of the systems. On the other hand, the "Maintain" prefix Web Services are executed to



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