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2504706 - Story Dynamic Time Calculation/Modeling Advanced Time Navigation Limitations in SAP Analytics Cloud (BOC)


Story Dynamic Time Calculation/Modeling Advanced Time Navigation Limitations in SAP Analytics Cloud (BOC)

  1. Data Correctness
    If the user creates a Story/Page/Group (Linked Analysis) filter on Time they will act as data filters and will limit the amount of data coming back for any dynamic time calculation (e.g. Previous Year Restricted Measure, YTD Restricted Measure/Member Function, Year over Year Difference From, or a Modeler RESTRICT/LOOKUP formula).
    1. Example 1: Data exists for 2010-2017, Story Filter restricts range to 2015-2017; Previous Year Restricted Measure would not return a value for 2015 even though 2014 data exists outside of the data filter.
    2. Example 2: Data exists for 2017 Q1 and 2017 Q2, Page Filter restricts values to 2017 Q2; YTD Restircted Measure/Member Function would return a value equal to just 2017 Q2, thus excluding 2017 Q1 from the year-to-date result.
  2. No Values Returned
    If in addition to a Story/Page/Group (Linked Analysis) filter a Chart/Table filter on Time is created then no value will be returned for the dynamic time calculation because of the combination of a data filter (flat) and a local filter (hierarchical) on Time
    1. In charts for story dynamic time calculations SAP Analytics Cloud intercepts this case and displays a more user friendly message.
    2. In table (and charts for Modeling Advanced Time Navigations in RESTRICT/LOOKUP functions) SAP Analytics Cloud currently ends up displaying a database exception stating that a flat and hierarchical selection on Time is not supported.
  3. Multi-dimensional filters with Time - when Time and another dimension are in a chart and it is then used to create a filter by selecting data points this does two things:
    1. The chart that the action was performed on will have a hierarchical and flat non-Cartesian filter on Time + D2 created which will immediately cause case 2. No Values Returned to happen.
    2. Any chart/table in a Linked Analysis group with the action chart will have a flat non-Cartesian filter on Time + D2 created which will immediately cause at the very least case 1. Data Correctness to happen.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2017.13.1


SAP Analytics Cloud Development is working to remove these limitations in future waves of SAP Analytics Cloud

To raise the priority of this work please vote for it on SAP Idea Place

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