2501898 - Delete / Change Old (Stored) Alerts and Notifications

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2501898 - Delete / Change Old (Stored) Alerts and Notifications


We experience the issue, that "old" Employee Central Notifications are sent out.

The business rule has been adjusted several times now, but it is not taken into consideration when running the provisioning job.

It seems that old notifications, which are still somewhere "on hold" are sent out.

Is there a way to clean the "cache" of this kind of job? We already tried to completely delete it and re-create, but this does not work out either.


Employee Central: Alerts

Reproducing the Issue

Change rule for existing Alerts and Notification.


When Alerts and Notification are configured, when the HRIS runs, for found matches, an alert with effective trigger date will be created for the rule and base object in the alert table for scheduling.

Changing the rule will not have any influence or / or change the previously stored alerts.

The stored alerts will still fire as scheduled because they were kept in the alert table awaiting for due date.


If the alert has been set but user change the business logic, how to correct the stored alert

  • Long term solution - Enhancement.  However there is NO indication as of yet when this Enhancement will be released.
  • User control solution – after update the rule , run the job with a specific (run from) date to include all scanned record again.
    the process is :
    the previous job ran on Oct 24 2016, all the records have been scanned. Alert are set(future alert) or fired(current or past alert). 
    the next job ran on Oct 25 2016, only the record changed after 10/24 will be scanned.

Solution: change the job setting from using “last successful ran date” to “specify a date = Oct 24 2016”. In this way all the records are involved in job again and evaluate with the current rule.
The old alert will be removed . new alert with new effective date will be set.
The risk is : the job will run a long time. Some unnecessary alert will get created again depend on how do you set the rule logic.

To be safe, you can send all the saveAlert rule to us before you try. We can review the rule logic.

Other solution : We have to clear the already generated(but not sent yet) alerts from the alert_entry table in database which is only be done in exceptional case after validation by Support and Development team. - Please create an incident to request this us to clear your database.

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