2501837 - Can the calculation of Annual Salary be changed?

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2501837 - Can the calculation of Annual Salary be changed?


In Employee Central, Annual Salary is calculated by annualizing the base salary pay component. 

For example, if the pay period amount is $1089.42 in the Base Salary pay component that has a frequency of weekly, the system annualizes it by multiplying it by 52 weeks $1089.42 * 52 weeks = $56649.84 Annualized Salary

Is it possible to change this behavior?


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The calculation of Annual Salary is hard coded in the system and cannot be modified. 


It is not possible to change the functionality of the standard Annualized Salary field.

It is possible to create a custom field that can be used for annualized salary calculation.

The calculation can then be configured as needed by the use of Business Rules.

It is not recommended to use a custom annualized salary field unless there is a requirement that the calculation must be different from the provided annualized salary field.

Please note that Compa-Ratio and Range Penetration cannot be configured to use the custom annualized salary field for calaculation, but will continue to use the standard Annualized Salary field's calculated value.


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