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2499769 - No Approval Notification for Sales Document


You've submitted a Sales Document, e.g. Opportunity, for approval, but the approver did not receive an approval notification.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Sales work center;
  2. Go to Opportunities view;
  3. Open Opportunity XYZ (XYZ represents the opportunity ID);
  4. Press Actions -> Submit for Approval;
  5. There is no notification for the approver.


The approver does not have the necessary accesses to approve the opportunity.

You can check this following the steps below:

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center;
  2. Go to Task Distribution view;
  3. Go to Business Tasks Management subview;
  4. Search for Business Tasks generated for Opportunity XYZ;
  5. Select the Business Task generated;
  6. Open the Application Log ABC (ABC represents the Application Log ID);
  7. You see the below messages:
  • Summary: 1  users failed to pass the authorisation check;
  • Employees without sufficient access rights for the item;
  • No employee has sufficient access rights.


You need to provide Read and Write Access to the approver for the Opportunity XYZ.

  1. Go to Administrator work center;
  2. Go to Users view;
  3. Go to Business Users subview;
  4. Select User ABC (ABC represents the approver's user's ID);
  5. Press Edit -> Acess Rights;
  6. Go to Access Restrictions tab;
  7. Maintain Read and Write Access to the view Opportunities.


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