2498721 - Candidate Appearing in the Wrong Onboarding Process

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2498721 - Candidate Appearing in the Wrong Onboarding Process


  • Candidate was Initiated from RCM, but ended up in the wrong process in Onboarding
  • Candidate was imported into Onboarding, but ended up in the wrong process


  • SAP SucessFactors Onboarding
  • Onboarding US Process
  • Integration between Onboarding and Recruiting Management

Reproducing the Issue

  • Initiate a candidate from RCM, or Import the candidate directly into Onboarding
  • Go to Onboarding
  • Select the Process you sent the candidate in, and the candidate is not there
  • Look at your other process and view the candidate there


  • When you have more than one Process, you must add a process filter in Super Admin so that the candidates would go into the correct process.


  • When you search through the candidates data in Super Admin you cannot find the Key JobReqCountry



  • In Onboarding,
  • Settings
  • Data Dictionary
  • RX part of the Data Dictionary
  • add new field called JobReqCountry
  • Data Type String
  • Proceed to the JobReq part of the Data Dictionary
  • Select Field
  • Search for the Key
  • Move it to the Right


  • In Admin Center
  • Onboarding Integration Setup
  • Job Requisition
  • find your Requisition and Map that Key to field Job Country


  • Finally ensure that you have the Country selected in you Job Requisition


  • Results every time you will initiate Onboarding in that Requisition, the candidate will go into the correct process because they now meet the condition
  • For Importing the New Hire, ensure you have you custom Key added to UserArea part of the XML6.png

Note: To move a candidate, in the Production enviroment, to the correct Process, please create an incident with support, and they will create a Jira for the Ops team to change it in the backend.


  • Integration between RCM and ONB
  • Recruting Mangement Integration
  • Candidate appearing in wrong process in Onboarding
  • Candidate Import
  • Super Admin
  • Process Filters
  • Onboarding US Process
  • Global Onboarding Process
  • UK Onboarding Process
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