2494423 - Pre Day Hire Permissions and IsOnboardingUser Flag

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2494423 - Pre Day Hire Permissions and IsOnboardingUser Flag


Customer would like restrict permission for pre-day hires.(minimal permissions to the instance).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1.  Generate report to check if 'IsOnboardingUser' has been set to 'Yes' for the Pre-Day1 user


  1. In general whenever you create candidate, he will get assigned to 2roles "Employee(Self service) role" and "Employee(information about other employees) role".
  2. Even if you create a group with isonboardinguserflag ,candidate by default get assigned to above mentioned 2 roles along with role created with IsOnboardingUser flag.
  3. So basically you need to restrict permissions in these 2 roles and provide minimal permissions(Employee(Self service) role and Employee(information about other employees) role"


    4. By Default,Onboardinguser flag will not appear in groups as mentioned in above screenshot ,You need to rename one of the customizable field label(out of 15 fields,u need to replace one custom field in succession datamodel) as          isOnboardingUser .

In below example ,custom2 field has been renamed and below changes need to be done in succession data model xml in standard element and HRIS element section.

1. <standard-element id="custom02" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
<label xml:lang="en-US">IsOnboardingUser</label>

2. <hris-field max-length="256" id="custom-string2" visibility="both" type="LegalEntity">



Note: Flag will only populate for candidates that are initiated from RCM


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