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2487011 - What information do I need to provide when opening incidents with SAP Analytics Cloud?


  • How can I create the perfect support incident to avoid going back and forth with SAP Product Support and add missing information?
  • How can I expedite incident / problem resolution?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud


1. Generic Information

  • What: Story, model, process and user reproduced the problem, issue or behavior?
  • Time: When you experience the problem. Do you have any traces or errors in the System > Monitor > Traces? Please add it to the incident.
  • User credentials: Create a support user by following the instructions at Get More Help and SAP Support (under the Create a Support User section).
    Or you can add credentials for an existing user and other datasources in the secure area if required. More information is provided in article 1773689.
  • URL used: You may have multiple systems (test, production) but we do not know the exact one you are using.
  • Which of your systems or products is affected? Choose the correct system ID to  receive the correct service level agreement (SLA):
    • Installation: SAP CLOUD PLATFORM (old) / SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD (new)
      Note: Customers may have the new or old product installation types depending on license purchase or renewal date.
    • System/Product: Choose the correct system using the description as your guide.
  • Component: Choose the correct component:
    • LOD-ANA-BI for all Incidents for the Business Intelligence capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.
    • LOD-ANA-BR for all Incidents for the Digital Boardroom capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.
    • LOD-ANA-HUB for all issues relating to SAP Analytics Hub.
    • LOD-ANA-PR for all issues relating to the Predictive Capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.
    • LOD-ANA-PL for all issues relating to the Planning Capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud.

2. Contact Details

  • Time zone: If you would like to speak to an engineer who works in your same Time Zone. You should never open incidents with another person's credentials. We may try to call you when it is midnight for you.
  • Phone: We cannot get in touch with you if your details are outdated. Easy to fix if you follow the article 1271545.

3. Attachments

  • Attachments have size and extension limits.
  • Verify that the attachment is listed after the wheel has finished spinning.

4. Technical Information

  • Confirm: Only product errors / issues are reported (See 83020) and the correct incident priority is set (See 67739).
  • Describe in detail what is the behavior of the System. Describe in few sentences what is happening.
    • Example: I log in using user, go to menu Browse > Stories > Open Public story "Monthly Summary", open the story and select filter Month: Pick June, there is an error "abc xyz"
  • You can give steps to reproduce in a similar way:
    1. Logon with user
    2. Go to menu Browse > Stories
    3. Open "Monthly Summary" and go to the second tab
    4. In the chart "Monthly payments", click the second bar and filter on ...
  • Datasource version information according to the Technical Prerequisites.
    • Especially in case of SAP BW Live Data Connection according to SAP Note 2541557.

5. Troubleshooting Already Performed

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