2483152 - Field level permissions in ad hoc report

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2483152 - Field level permissions in ad hoc report


Is it possible to control field level / cell level permissions in ad hoc report?

For example, a user has permission to create "Person and Employment Info (as of Date)".


The user does not have access to view any employee's compensation details (both recurring and non-recurring). But the user can generate a report for other user's compensation details through the "as of Date' report.


Is there a way to prevent it?



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Currently it is not possible to restrict this behavior as cell level / field level permission is not respected in Adhoc framework. The overall Role Based Permissions (RBP) functionality for Adhoc framework still does not support it.


  • Use Advanced Reporting as it supports field level RBP.
  • Provide permission to the user to an already created ad hoc report instead of providing the report creation permission to the user.

The Reporting development team will include field/cell level permissions for the following three reports as of 1802 release:

1. Person and Employment Info (as of date)
2. Person and Employment Info (audit)
3. Date Range reports.

RBP for ad hoc reports pertaining to EC data will not be respected apart from these three reports


RPT-7968, cell level, field level, Does Ad Hoc Respect RBP Permissions in EC , KBA , LOD-SF-EC-REP , Reporting Data , LOD-SF-EC , Employee Central , Product Enhancement


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