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2482459 - Scheduled Project Invoice Request is not Created.


Scheduled Project Invoice Request is not Created.


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Reproducing the Issue

Every night a regular job runs automatically and it reates project invoice requests on the next day. When the invoice date is reached, an invoice run processes the invoices based on the invoice requests.


  1. While automatic invoice schedule run checks for the time and expense, if there are no time and expenses available against project and sales order to create project invoice request the system failed to create the schedule project invoice request and generates the error task.
  2. If there are time and expense available these might be assigned to the different sales order, in this case, you need to reassign the expense to be invoiced sales order using the "Apply assignment rules" button.

Follow the below steps to see the task.

  1. Go to Customer Invoicing Work Center.
  2. Choose the Work View.
  3. Choose the relevant task associated toa sales order.
  4. You can see the task Solve Issue When Creating Project Invoice Request - Creation of project invoice request failed.
  5. Choose the Edit button.
  6. You will see the application log XXXXX (XXXXXX represents the application log ID).
  7. Go to Results tab here you can see the error Expenses do not exist; CPIR not created.


Case 1: If you are sure, you don’t expect any expenses might occur for the project then you must delete those invoice schedule items from Sales Order so that it won’t consider for execution in future and complete the Task.

Case 2: If you expect expense that needs to be billed to your customer, ensure to have the time and expense before the schedule, which can be checked by following the below steps

  1. Go to Project management work center
  2. Go to Not invoiced time and expenses
  3. Click on edit time and expenses
  4. If there are time and expenses available then validate if they are assigned to the respective sales order for which you want to create Invoice then reinitiate the schedule project invoice request creation.


  4. If these expenses are assigned to different sales order then change the assignment rules accordingly using the button "Edit assignment rules" then perform the reassignment using the button "Apply assignment rules" and save button.

If you wish to have the project invoice request instantly as per please perform the forced schedule using the option "Create schedule project invoice request".

Follow the steps :

  1. Go to Project Management work center.
  2. Select the Project XYZ
  3. Next, to ProjectXYZ there is a small drop-down button click on it and choose to Create a scheduled project invoice request.

If you have scoped the below question the system retries automatically to generate using invoice schedule run.

Do you want the system to retry project invoice request creation automatically in case of creation failure during an invoice schedule run?

If not you have to change the schedule dates accordingly to regenerate the schedule project invoice request automatically.

Follow the steps :

  1. Go to Sales Order work center.
  2. Select the Sales Order ABC
  3. Go to Pricing and Invoicing -> Invoice Schedule tab
  4. Here change the dates to the required date.


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