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2481903 - LMS - Additional identifier in user type-ahead search results


What is it?
Admin can now configure an additional User identifier to be displayed in braces for the User Type-Ahead search results in case of the Peer Recommendation pop-up launched from Collection, Catalog 3.0, Catalog Browse and User Search on the Instructor's My Classes page.

Note: Once the User is selected, the ID will not be displayed in the selected list.

Why is it important?
Enables Users to identify and select the intended user when there are multiple with the same name.


SuccessFactors LMS
Learning Management System


Enhancement  - LRN-16921

Organization Description and email address. System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > Search > additionalIdentifierDisplayedInUserSearch

The choice is between – Blank, PersonExternalID, Email Address and Organization

Please note that this behaviour will be seen only if you have Catalog 3 enabled.

Please follow the steps below to enable Catalog search 3

1. Login as an admin
2. Navigate to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > CATALOG
3. Look for configuration and set it to true - catalogSearch3Enabled=true

For users to recommend, they should have the below required workflows to Recommend
 1. Recommend to Peer
 2. Access Recommendations Tile
 3. Access Personalized Recommendations

Scenarios where you can see this feature:

1. Recommending Collections

From the User homepage, navigate to Collections link
- Choose the collection you want to Recommend
- Click on the options icon (3 vertical dots) and select Recommend



- Now when you search for a user, you should be able to see the suggested values and the entity configured in the search configuration. (Below you should see the email address currently configured). You will not be able to search just view. 


2. Recommending Items from Catalog 3 homepage.

- This will be applicable only when you Recommend items from the catalog search homepage.


- Note: If you navigate to the item details page and then Recommend, this feature will not work. (Currently this feature is in Beta, future releases should enable this feature across the application)


3. Searching for users from Instructor home page

- When an Instructor searches for users to add to a Scheduled Offering, they should be able to entity ID displayed.



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