2481068 - Not able to Upload the Images to the Employees Profile

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2481068 - Not able to Upload the Images to the Employees Profile


Your requirement is to upload the image to the Employee Profile. But you are not able to upload some image formats in HTML5 or Silverlight clients.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to the HTML5 client
  2. Go to Administrator workcenter
  3. Go to Users view
  4. Go to Employees subview
  5. Show Active Employees
  6. Choose any Employee XYZ
  7. Select Edit
  8. In the Employee Image section, select the button Image->Add
  9. Browse and Upload the image
  10. Select Save and Close
  11. Refresh the screen
  12. Select the Employee XYZ
  13. At the bottom, in the Details of the Employee, the Employee Image is not available
  14. We see the message:

This image format is not supported by Silverlight.


Some image formats are not supported for upload in HTML5 and Silverlight clients.

Further, some of the images uploaded in HTML5 are not visible in Silverlight client. This is the system behaviour.


Image formats supported in HTML5 are .jpg , .png , .bmp, .jpeg, .gif

Image formats which not supported in HTML5 are .exif , .jfif

With Silverlight limitation, the Image formats supported in Silverlight client are .jpg , .jpeg and .png only.


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