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2480211 - Audit Reports for Platform via Scheduled Job


To request a audit report on Proxy, RBP, User Profile and Provisioning changes.


SAP SuccessFactors Platform / BizX.


Job Type: BizX Audit Report (RBP & Employee Profile)

What audit reports does a customer get?

  • Proxy Change Report - Any changes made to proxy assignments.
  • RBP - User to Roles Change Report- Changes to the roles assigned to a user.
  • RBP - Role Changed Report - Changes to the permissions or group assignments.
  • RBP - Target and Granted Group Change - Changes to the group definition.
  • User Profile Change Report - Change made to the User Profile. [IMPORTANT] Since 1802, the User Profile and Extended User Profile reports have been removed from the scope of the BizX Audit Report (RBP & Employee Profile) 
  • Provisioning Change Report - Any changes to the company feature settings via provisioning.


  1. We can schedule the job to run daily, weekly or recurring.
  2. If you want to run the job daily, you will get the report for the last 7 days. It's not possible to run the job daily and include the yesterday's data only.
  3. It is not possible to run the above reports individually. Once the jobs are set up, all 6 reports will be placed on the FTP.

If you need to schedule the job, please raise an incident to the Customer Support Team with the following details (fields marked with "*" are required):

  • *Job Name:
  • *Job Owner: (First Name, Last Name)
  • *Job Type: BizX Audit Report (RBP & Employee Profile)
  • *Host Address:
  • *FTP Login:
  • *FTP Password:
  • *File Path:
  • *File Name:
  • Date Format:
  • File Encryption: (None or PGP)

Important Note: For FTP Login and Password, please make sure to provide the Logon Credentials securely to an incident. Please refer to KB 1773689 on how to add logon credentials securely to an incident.

  • Job Occurrence & Notification
    • Occurrence: Once, Recurring (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly), or Dependent of:
    • Start Date and Time:
  • Additional E-mail Recipients:
  • Send E-mail when job starts?

You can also get a historical report. For that, the job parameters are:

  1. Date Since:
  2. Number of days (7 recommended):

We recommend 7 days because the volume of the audit data could be significantly high if you go beyond 7 days that could cause issues in scheduled job in terms of amount of memory that it could consume and the amount of time that it would run.

For example:

Customer wants a report between two date example from 10th January to 15th January. The setup should be:

  1. Date Since: January 10, 2017
  2. Number of days (7 recommended): 5

Addional Note:

Comprehensive audit is not needed for provisioning audit as this comes from the global schema.

For the other audit reports like RBP/User/Proxy, the comprehensive audit to be turned ON at the company schema level.


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