2479635 - Migrate Materials With Only Numeric IDs

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2479635 - Migrate Materials With Only Numeric IDs


You want automatic assignment of Material IDs in only numeric range during Migration.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Search for Migration of Materials.
  3. Open activity.
  4. Click migrate materials using migration tool.
  5. Upload template.
  6. Click Execute migration.
  7. Then Step by Step.
  8. Go to Step 2 - Convert Value.
  9. See there is no option to review Material ID assignment (such as Customer migration).


This is the expected system behavior.


If your requirement is to use automatic ID assignment to mass import Products to the system, you can use Data Workbench work center in Import tab.

Data Workbench can be used with or without a ProductID definition, as long as an ExternalKey is provided (ExternalKey will be used only for Data Workbench backend mappings).

See Also

If you don't require automatic ID assignment, but you still need to manually assign numeric IDs to your Products during Migration, please refer to the following Case Document: 

1591699 - How to Configure Material ID, Which Should Support all Formats


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