2478427 - How to use OData version of Compound Employee API in Integration Center

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2478427 - How to use OData version of Compound Employee API in Integration Center


Compound Employee API has been introduced in OData and this can be enabled in the successfactors environment by following the steps mentioned in the resolution section.

Once the same is enabled, it can be used in Integration Center.

Note: This is still in beta stages




Enabling the Compound Employee API under OData entity section:

    1. Goto Provisioning under company settings please ensure that "Employee Profile data audit" is enabled. Save the settings.

         Employee Profile Audit.JPG

    2. In the SFAPI Feature Settings enable the checkbox "Enable Compound Employee Entity in Integration Center". Save the settings.


    3. Log into Successfactors system, Admin Center --> Role based permission --> Choose the relevant role assigned to the API user --> Under Manage Permissions --> Employee Central API --> give the permission "Employee Central HRIS OData API’" (Save the settings)

       CE API HRIS OData setting.JPG   

   4. Follow the KBA: 2171588 to do a metadata refresh in the Successfactors instance

   5. Once the same is completed successfully, you will be able to see the following entities under OData API data dictionary

       Compound Entity list.JPG

To Consume the web service under Integration Center:

   1. Goto Admin Center -->Integration Center

   2. Goto My Integrations

   3. Choose a simple File Output integration and search in for Compound_Employee

        Integration Center.JPG

   4. As per the need choose the fields and the navigations and proceed with the integration.

See Also


 1. Currently supported navigation for Person related entities:

      CE API navigations.JPG




  • Compared to the SOAP version of Compound Employee API, the following entities are currently not supported: personal global information, direct deposit, dependents, associated employees, emergency contacts and all MDF objects.
  • Currently only the root entity Compound_Employee can be used as starting entity in Integration Center. All other entities are only accessible via navigation from the root entity.

Filters Supported:

          Filters for Compound Employee.JPG

          Employment and Job info supported filters.JPG


The root entity Compound_Employee supports some special filters, which are described more in detail below:

         Special Filters.JPG   

With this filter you can select all employees that have been changed since the provided timestamp. The filter is not only applied to the root entity, but to all expanded entities. For example an integration scenario containing fields of the entities Compound_Employee, Compound_Email and Compound_Employment will return all employees for which at least one of the selected entities has been changed. 

queryMode: This filter controls the mode in which the query is executed. The following values are supported: Standard, Delta and Snapshot. If no value is provided, the standard mode is used as default.

snapshotDateTime: The snapshot mode is used to retrieve the data of the entities as it was in the system at a provided timestamp. It is activated by setting filter queryMode to value snapshot and by providing a timestamp in the past.

             Advanced Filters.JPG

Time Based Filters

        Time Based Filter.JPG



The default sorting of effective dated entities is descending by effective start date. For entities supporting multiple changes per day, the records are additionally sorted by the transaction sequence number in descending order.

       Default sorting.JPG

For effective dated entities with additional key fields, the records are sorted by the key fields in ascending order and by effective start date in descending order. An example is the address entity which has address type and country as additional key fields.

      Effective dated with additional keys.JPG

Note:  NoN effective dated entities are sorted by their key fields in ascending order



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