2476521 - Crossboarding to Manage Pending Recruits

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2476521 - Crossboarding to Manage Pending Recruits


When an internal recruit moves from RCM to Crossboarding to EC, they appear in Manage Pending Recruits as Internal Recruits, which is correct. When we pick up Internal Recruits to process the Job change event, the Internal Recruit > Job Info Change screen opens. Here, though we are passing the effective date/event date for the Job Change from ONB, its not integrating with event date in Job Info Change Screen for Internal Recruits. No matter what you map to (employmentInfo.start-date or jobInfo.start-date) the Event Date does not get populated in the Internal Hire wizard and always defaults with the current date/today's date. We want the start date of job change which is passed from RCM to ONB to EC, to be mapped there.   


Manage Pending Hires

Reproducing the Issue

Internal recruit applies for a vacancy via Recruitment module. Record passes from RCM to Crossboarding to EC. Record lands up in Manage Pending Hires as internal recruits. You pick up the candidate to process the event. It opens Internal Recruit wizard for Job Change. Here you expect to see the start date of Job Change in "When do you want this change to take effect" field. But this field always shows current date. If it doesnt show the job change date which is passed on from RCM to ONB to EC, event will be processed with a wrong date. 

For example, user X transfer date is 07/07/2017. But in Internal Recruit > Job Info Change > Field "When do you want changes to take effect?" always shows current date. 


This is an expected behavior. We dont have effective start date in data model and hence the start date by design defaults to current date.

we have hire date only while hiring external employee. For internal candidates there is not hire date field and what is mapped for employmentinfo.start-date field is not mapped to "When do you want your changes to take effect".


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