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2473708 - Item Connector Support & Tips


Customer would like to work with the item connector and would like some tips and knowledge.

NOTE: Connector Workbooks are documents that capture overall connector behavior. They contain a list of mandatory and optional fields to include in the input files. Please note this is not a list of system requirements. They will also document customer decisions, provided that the customer has worked with a partner or our PS resources before implementing them.


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Item Connector Tips

[TIP!  These are rules that generally cannot be modified.  Cover these rules with your customer.

For Item Connector, there are multiple input files for this connector.  The most basic is the Item Data input file (this is the Item Data Mapping Table).  This input file can create an item, a single content object, and connect that  content object to the item.  It can add localized fields in one locale.  If the customer requires multiple content objects per item or multiple locales then use the additional input files in addition to the Item Data.  Use this table as a guide:

Customer Usage

Item File

Item File with No Online Settings

Content Object

Content Object to Item



Only 1 Content Object Per Item







Only 1 Localized Value







More than 1 Content Object Per Item







More than 1 Localized Value







Linking Competencies to Items







Launch on Complete Online Setting







You do not need to use all files.  For example, the localization and competency files can run independently.

NOTE:  in addition, you do not need to include all possible fields for each input file.  Do your customer a favor and simplify.]

Item Classification Notes

The connector determines the item’s classification by using the values of the online completion status ID (CMPL_STAT_ID) and default segment (CPNT_LEN).  It uses the following logic to derive the classification:

If neither online completion status or default segment is provided, the item classification is OTHER.

If both online completion status and a default segment are provided, the item classification is BLENDED.

If only online completion status is provided the classification is ONLINE.

If only default segment length is provided the item classification is INSTRUCTOR LED.

This table illustrates the item classification logic:

Online Completion Status

Default Segment Length




LMS Classification

No Input Value

No Input Value






No Input Value


No Input Value


Instructor Led

Processing Rules

Item Classification Rule

The connector determines the item classification based upon the values for the Online Completion Status and Default Segments fields.  Here is how:

  1. If neither online completion status or default segment is provided, the item classification will be “OTHER”.
  2. If both are provided, the item classification will be “BLENDED”
  3. If only Online Completion Status is provided- classification will be “ONLINE”

If only Default Segment Length is provided the item classification will be “INSTRUCTOR LED”

Item Revisions

If the item already exists and the revision date is later then the existing item’s revision date then the connector will create a revision of the item.  The following settings apply when the connector revises an item:

Copy Substitutes


Copy Authorized Instructors


Make Production Ready


Inactivate Previous Revisions


Update Curricula


Update Learning Plans


Update Future Scheduled Offerings


Revising an Inactive Item

If the item already exists and it is inactive then the connector will reject the record.  It cannot revise an inactive item.

[TIP!  If the customer needs to revise inactive items then you may be able to configure the connector to do these updates.  Add the item.connector.inactiveRule.updateNotActive=true property.  But, test this to make sure it works.]

Additional Infomation

At present there ir is not possible to use the Item Connector to update any Item Subsitutes. This still must be done manaully by the LMS Adminstrator.


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