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2471197 - Changing the user language in SuccessFactors (BizX) doesn't change language in SAP Jam


Changing the user language in SuccessFactors/BizX ("Options" - "change language") doesn't change the language in SAP Jam

Reproducing the Issue

  • In both SAP Jam & SF (SuccessFactors) the language is set to English. 
  • In SF a user changes the language to a different language (e.g. German)
  • In SAP Jam the language is still set to English for this user


SAP Jam internally stores 2 locales:

  1. The first locale matches the locale set in SF.
  2. The second locale is in Jam Account Setting, ("Account Settings" - "Language.") 


The second locale can be manually unset/changed in SAP Jam:


If the language is set to anything else besides "Default", it always overrides the first locale and changing the language in SF will not result in the language in SAP Jam changing as well. 

When a user is granted SAP Jam access the language in SAP Jam is the same as the language set in SF as the second locale is unset and therefore set to default. However if a user has changed the language in SAP Jam to anything else than "default" this overrides the first locale from SF.

In your scenario when user is initially provisioned.  Jam would be shown in German. When you change the language to English in SF. The first locale would be updated to English through user sync. However, from your screenshot the second locale in Jam Account Setting has been set to German explicitly since it doesn't say "Default" as explained. The second locale always override the first locale from SF, hence Jam is shown in German.


To resolve this issue users need to set the language in SAP Jam to "Default (click on the "Cog wheel" in the top right-hand corner of SAP Jam - "Account Settings" - "Language") and click 'Save changes"


Once the setting is changed, the language in SAP Jam will follow the language set in SF. 

Please note: the language in SF and SAP Jam is set per user, e.g. if one user changes their language this only effects their SF and SAP Jam instnace and not other users. 


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