2469119 - Can not search learning by competency

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2469119 - Can not search learning by competency


When a user wants to add a learning activity to his development plan searching by competency, he gets this message:
"there is no competency associated with this item"



  • SuccessFactors HCM
  • Development plan > add learning activity > Search by competency
  • Learning Management System > LMS


Such issue can have a number of causes, usually related to configuration:

  • invalid XML configuration of the Development PLan XML
  • Competencies not mapped to job roles in Bizx
  • Competencies not imported in LMS
  • Competencies not mapped to items in LMS
  • Items with related competencies not available to user's catalog

In this particular case, the issue was due to an incorrect XML configuration:


In this screenshot, we can see the Development plan is configured to only account for competencies included in a particular library, but exclude any competencies associated with roles or forms in Bizx.
But because the competencies included in the library are the same as the competencies associated with a role and the template is configured to exclude those, the application does not bring up any competencies.

But as per the documentation available here, you can only choose to include/exclude competency from one type, not all.


Note: User Assistance Documentation requires user logon in order to access the guides.  Please logon to https://help.sap.com to access the Linking Development Goals to Competencies UA Guide.


The customer should remove the competency filter on roles from the Development Plan XML.

  1. Provisioning > search for the company ID
  2. Managing Plan Template > Import/Update/Export Development plan Templates
  3. export the default template


if you do not have access to Provisioning your consultant partner should, and if you do not have a partner please submit a request with LOD-SF-CDP


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