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2464982 - Behavior of Learning Expiration and Overdue notification


Behavior of Learning Expiration and Overdue notification.


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Learning Expiration and Overdue notification are triggered when Learning Expiration Notification Automatic Process (System Admin>Automatic Process>Learning Expiration) is scheduled to run.

Learning Expiration APM will process the active learning assignments for the users which are either overdue or upcoming based on the required date associated with the learning event and number of days configured as threshold in the APM configuration.

Learning Expiration Notification: The learning expiration automatic process sends notifications when it finds an item, curriculum or program for a user where the number of days left to the required date is less than the number of days in the Threshold box. This automatic process uses the ApmTrainingExpiration template to send notifications.

Learning Overdue Notification: The learning overdue notification is triggered to users when training is expired (which is overdue).

Threshold: This field determines number of days to be used for notifying users about training assignments which are about to expire. i.e., APM will pick the learning assignments which have required date less than (current date + threshold days).

Reminder Period: This determines the interval period (in days) between subsequent Expiration/Overdue notifications to users.


  • Current date/Assign Date: 1st January 2016 (assignment made before job runs)
  • Threshold: 15
  • Reminder Period: 10
  • Required Date for item: 31st January 2016
  • Frequency: Daily
    1. This means the Expiration Notification will be sent out on the 16th January as you move back 15 days (Threshold) from the 31st January [Required Date] starting your count from the 30th January
    2. The user will then receive a reminder notification 10 days [Reminder Period] after first expiration Notification date.
    3. User will receive an overdue notification 10 days [Reminder Period] after second Expiration Notification date as item has already expired.




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