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2464448 - How to enable "Send to Previous Step" button - Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater


This is a feature in PM/360 Form with which user who's holding a form in his Inbox can choose to send the current form to the holder of previous step in the Route Map.

Once enabled, after a form is routed to steps after the first one, you will see the Send to Previous Step button:

In PM v12A form:



In 360 form:



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  • SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi-Rater

Reproducing the Issue





To enable the Send to Previous Step button, we have to follow below two steps(both required).

1.  Enable form routing to previous step check box in Form Template Settings

    This option can be found in Admin Center > Form Template Settings. (PM v12A and 360 template)

2.  Enable Previous Step Button

  • For old PM template versions and 360 form, form template XML need to be modified to enable the button. The modification need to be done by your Implementation Partner.

    In fm-meta element below configuration will be defined.


    Configure the above element with value either true or false. No other values are accepted.

    By default this feature will be disabled (false).

    After enabling the button, button permissions have to be configured for individual roles and step ids.

    Below is a sample configuration:

    If the requirement is that the employee’s manager is the only person who can see the “Send to Previous Step” button in all route steps, below sample XML is configured in the template.



// disabling button for everyone

<button-permission type="none">


  <button refid="send-back" />

  <route-step stepid="*" />



// enabling only for manager

<button-permission type="enabled">


  <button refid="send-back" />

  <route-step stepid="*" />



  • For PM v12A template, above configuration can be done via Admin Center > Manage Templates > [select the template] > General Settings > Show advanced options > Check the "Enable Previous Step Button".

    In the same place you can also configure Button Permission of this button, by clicking "x Button Permission(s) defined. Click to modify" link, select Buttons as "Send to Previous Step" and configure Type (none/enabled) to different roles as per need.

After both 2 steps are done, launch a new form and route it to steps after the first one, you will see the Send to Previous Step button showing in Route Map part and at the bottom part.


“Send to Previous Step” button is only applicable in form Modify Stage. For Iterative and Collaborative Steps, the button will only be visible to the user who is defined as an Exit User for that step.

If you would like to route back from Signature Stage to Modify Stage, consider to use the "Reject" button, which is designed for Signature Stage, and without any additional permission control, Reject button will be seen by all Signers by default.


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